Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Special Protocols Related to Sanctions and Adverse Actions

Number: INST.E.70.010

Special Notice to Institutions in Limited Circumstances

Prior to placing an institution on probation, withdrawing accreditation, or denying initial candidacy or initial accreditation, the Board will notify an institution of the intended action. The notification will include the reasons for the action if such action has not previously been recommended by a team or Review Committee or the President, and the institution has not had an opportunity to respond. The institution will have thirty days to respond to the notice of the Board’s intended action. The Board also will determine when it will take final action, either at regular meeting or through any means permitted by policy. The Board will consider the institution’s response, if any, filed within the thirty day period, prior to taking final action.

Board Committee Hearing

The Commission shall make available a Board Committee Hearing, provided the institution requests such hearing, prior to a final decision by the Board to:

  • deny accreditation, except where the Commission is denying an application for early accreditation prior to the end of the four-year term of candidacy with a possible extension for a fifth year for good cause;
  • withdraw accreditation; or
  • move an institution from accredited to candidate status.

The Commission shall require a Board Committee Hearing prior to a final decision by the Board concluding a show-cause order process, unless such hearing is waived by the institution. An institution may have no more than one Board Committee Hearing related to a single institutional decision.

Board Committee Hearing Process

A Board Committee Hearing will be conducted according to a timeframe established by the Board. A Board Committee will consist of three to five members, a majority of which will consist of members of the Board of Trustees, and be selected by vote of the Board members.

A written record shall be made of a Board Committee Hearing, and a transcript made available to all members of the Board prior to their taking final action. Moreover, Committee members will make an oral report to the full Board of the contents of the hearing prior to the vote of the Board of Trustees regarding the institution.

The fee for a Board Committee Hearing will be set by the Board and will be posted in the Commission’s schedule of fees. The institution seeking such a hearing will submit the fee with its written request for a hearing.

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Policy History

Last Revised: February 2011
First Adopted: June 2006
Revision History: revised June 2008, December 2009, February 2011
Notes: Policies combined November 2012 – 2.2(i), 2.2(j), 2.2(j)1

Policy Number Key

Section INST: Institutional Policies

Chapter E: Sanctions, Adverse Actions, and Appeals

Part 70: Special Protocols Related to Adverse Actions


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