Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Commission Right to Reconsider Affiliation

Number: INST.B.30.050

The Board of Trustees shall reserve the right to reconsider the Status of Affiliation of an institution at any time. Reconsideration will allow the Board to interrupt an institution’s scheduled evaluation cycle to make a formal determination whether the institution continues to meet the Eligibility Requirements or Criteria for Accreditation or is acting in accordance with the policies of the Commission. If the Board chooses to exercise its authority under this provision, it will provide to the institution clearly specified reasons related to the Criteria for Accreditation, Eligibility Requirements or Commission policies for its reconsideration and define a process by which the reconsideration shall take place. The institution shall have at least thirty days to respond to the reasons for reconsideration prior to the Board taking action to initiate a reconsideration process. The Board shall take into consideration the institution’s response before formally acting to initiate the reconsideration process. The Board will observe Commission policy in conducting the reconsideration process and will complete the reconsideration process no later than the Board meeting subsequent to the next scheduled Board meeting.


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Policy History

Last Revised: February 2007
First Adopted: February 1993
Revision History: revised February 2007, renumbered June 2010, renumbered February 2011
Notes: Former policy number 2.5(g)

Policy Number Key

Section INST: Institutional Policies

Chapter B: Requirements for Achieving and Maintaining Affiliation

Part 30: Obligations of Membership and Affiliation


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