Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Public Disclosure

Number: INST.B.30.040

Public Disclosure of the Team Report

The team report shall be an important, but not the only, document considered by the Commission in making a decision about an organization’s accreditation relationship. Only after final Commission action may an organization make public the entire report or excerpts that are accurate (i.e., verbatim or reasonable paraphrases) and that correctly reflect the Assurance Section of the report. If an organization discloses or distributes excerpts, it shall indicate that the Assurance Section of the report is available on request. An organization shall consider its official response to the report to be an integral component of the report.

Public Information About Regional Institutional Accreditation

The Commission will expect each organization affiliated with it to use or paraphrase this Commission information in describing regional institutional accreditation or candidacy.

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Policy History

Last Revised: February 2010
First Adopted: January 1983, June 2004, February 1996
Revision History: revised June 2004
Notes: Policies combined November 2012 – 12.3, 12.4

Policy Number Key

Section INST: Institutional Policies

Chapter B: Requirements for Achieving and Maintaining Affiliation

Part 30: Obligations of Membership and Affiliation


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