Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Program for Review of Institutional Accreditation Policies

Number: PPAR.A.10.030

The Commission, through its system of self-evaluation, will regularly seek from affiliated institutions and Peer Reviewers comment on the effectiveness of the Commission’s policies, programs and activities. The Commission’s review process will provide opportunities for a broad group of stakeholders, such as employers, students, parents, business leaders, etc., to evaluate the program and requirements for accreditation. The feedback from the stakeholders may lead the Board of Trustees to modify or change the Commission’s programs and requirements in response to these ongoing systems of evaluation. In addition, the Board of Trustees will convene an advisory panel at least every five years to review the effectiveness of, and proposed changes and programs for, accreditation. The panel will include representatives from various constituencies within the Commission as well as members of the Board of Trustees. Should the Board of Trustees learn from its review of policies that a change in Commission policy is necessary to ensure that the policy is being interpreted properly by institutions or peer reviewers or is being properly applied in the evaluation process, the Board will ensure that such change is made within no more than 12 months of the Board learning about the necessary change.


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Policy History

Last Revised: November 2012
First Adopted:
Revision History: November 2012
Notes: Former policy number: front matter

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Section PPAR: Policies Related to Policy Adoption and Review

Chapter A: General

Part 10: General


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