Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Dating of Policies

Number: PPAR.A.10.010

The effective date of any policy is the date on which it was adopted or revised unless otherwise noted. Policy may be noted as revised, edited or renumbered to reflect various changes that have occurred in the policy subsequent to its original adoption. Revisions to any policy are taken by action of the Board; editing and renumbering may occur as necessary as technical amendments and do not require formal Board approval.

Each policy carries a date of adoption (i.e., Adopted January 2000); any revision dates are noted as well (revised February 2002). Commission Policies periodically undergo major revisions for editorial, numbering and titling updates; dates for these major revisions are noted on the following page. Sometimes sections may be edited outside the regular editing cycle; in such cases policies that have had minor editorial revisions or renumbering will carry a date when the editing took place.


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Section PPAR: Policies Related to Policy Adoption and Review

Chapter A: General

Part 10: General


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