Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Board of Trustees Commitment to Regular Review of Its Policies and Procedures

Number: PPAR.A.10.020

The Board of Trustees recognizes that higher education is rapidly changing and that the Commission policy contained herein needs to reflect those changes. Therefore, the Board of Trustees commits to review its policies and procedures, particularly but not exclusively related to institutional dynamics and change, regularly to evaluate their responsiveness to the higher education environment, their effectiveness in providing quality assurance, and their usefulness in enhancing institutional and educational improvement. The Board will follow policies outlined herein for a program of review of Commission policies and procedures.


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Policy History

Last Revised:
First Adopted: February 2007
Revision History:
Notes: Former policy number: front matter

Policy Number Key

Section PPAR: Policies Related to Policy Adoption and Review

Chapter A: General

Part 10: General


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