Higher Learning Commission

Chapter B: Requirements for Achieving and Maintaining Affiliation

Part 10: General

Jurisdiction - Number: INST.B.10.010

Components of Accredited or Candidate (“Affiliated”) Institutions - Number: INST.B.10.020

Related Entities - Number: INST.B.10.030

Part 20: Defining the Affiliated Entity

Eligibility - Number: INST.B.20.010

Candidacy - Number: INST.B.20.020

Accreditation - Number: INST.B.20.030

Change of Control, Structure, or Organization - Number: INST.B.20.040

Part 30: Obligations of Membership and Affiliation

Termination of Affiliation or Accreditation - Number: INST.B.30.010

Obligations of Affiliation - Number: INST.B.30.020

Dues and Fees - Number: INST.B.30.030

Public Disclosure - Number: INST.B.30.040

Commission Right to Reconsider Affiliation - Number: INST.B.30.050




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