Higher Learning Commission


Chapter F: Maintenance and Monitoring

Part 10: Routine Monitoring

Routine Monitoring and Data Collection - Number: INST.F.10.010

Part 20: Intermittent Monitoring

Special Monitoring - Number: INST.F.20.010

Financial Panels - Number: INST.F.20.020

Non-substantive Changes in the Accreditation Relationship Between an Institution and the Commission - Number INST.F.20.030

Institutional Change - Number: INST.F.20.040

Review of Institutional Change - Number: INST.F.20.050

Monitoring of Institutional Change - Number: INST.F.20.060

Processes for Seeking Approval of Change of Control - Number: INST.F.20.070

Monitoring Related to Change of Control, Structure, or Organization - Number: INST.F.20.080

Processes for Including a Component Within or Removing a Component From the Affiliation of the Institution - Number: INST.F.20.090



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