Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Financial Panels

Number: INST.F.20.020

The purpose of a Financial Panel is to review institutions’ financial indicators based on their annual submission of financial ratios. The Financial Panel may request additional documentation from institutions for review when appropriate. The Panel may request that institutions address financial and related concerns in their next Self-Study and visit process. The Panel may recommend for action by the Institutional Actions Council additional institutional monitoring through any process provided for in Commission policy and procedure.

A Financial Panel is comprised of two or more financial professionals selected by the staff from the Peer Review Corps or from member institutions. The Panel may conduct its review of actions in a scheduled meeting or by any means that allows for synchronous or asynchronous communication.


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Policy History

Last Revised:
First Adopted: June 2008
Revision History:
Notes: Policies combined November 2012 – 2.2(e), 2.2(e)1

Policy Number Key

Section INST: Institutional Policies

Chapter F: Maintenance and Monitoring

Part 20: Intermittent Monitoring

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