Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Public Information

Number: FDCR.A.10.070

Required Information for Students and the Public
An institution demonstrates that it makes available to students and the public fair, accurate and complete information in catalogs, student handbooks, and other publications that include, at a minimum, information about the institution’s calendar, grading, admissions, academic program requirements, tuition and fees, and refund policies.

Information About Student Achievement
An institution’s information for students and the public shall include information regarding student achievement. This information shall include student retention rates, completion rates or other information appropriate for the mission of the institution and its goals for students.

Advertising and Recruiting Materials and Other Public Information
An institution’s public information including its advertising and recruiting materials shall evidence the same fairness and accuracy the Commission expects in an institution’s catalog and other documents for students.

Disclosure of Affiliation Status
If the institution chooses to reference its accreditation status in advertising and recruiting materials or other document or location, that disclosure will accurately explain its status with the Commission and the academic programs, locations and other institutional activities included in its accreditation.

It will accompany that reference with information on how to contact the Commission. It shall provide the Commission’s address and telephone number or it may use the Commission’s website address in lieu of this information. Electronic materials shall use the Commission’s collective membership mark.

The Commission reserves the right to issue a public statement or Public Disclosure Notice (PDN) correcting any incorrect or misleading information the Commission determines that an institution has publicized about its accreditation status, recent actions by the Commission or other information.

Public Notification of Opportunity to Comment
The Commission shall seek comment from third parties about institutions being evaluated for accreditation or candidacy. As part of the comprehensive evaluation, institutions shall publicize the forthcoming evaluation in accordance with established Commission procedures regarding content, dissemination, and timing.

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Policy History

Last Revised: October 2014
First Adopted: August 1990, February 1996, and June 2012
Revision History: Adopted August 1990, revised August 1996, effective September 1996, renumbered February 2010, revised and renumbered June 2012, October 2014
Notes: Policies combined November 2012 – 4.0(f), 4.0(g), 4.0(j).

Policy Number Key

Section FDCR: Policies Required by Federal Regulation

Chapter A: Federal Compliance

Part 10: General


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