Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Fraud and Abuse

Number: FDCR.A.20.010

An institution shall not engage in fraud and abuse, as outlined in state and federal law and regulation, or in practices or procedures that are designed or have the tendency to create a falsification or deceive students. If the Commission receives an allegation of fraud and abuse concerning an institution from the federal government, any state entity or other party, the Commission will determine whether the alleged fraud and abuse constitutes a violation of the Criteria for Accreditation, particularly related to institutional integrity. In considering any allegation of fraud and abuse, the Commission may consider the nature of the allegation, whether the alleged fraud and abuse appears to meet the Commission’s understanding of fraud and abuse as outlined in this policy or in federal or state definitions of fraud and abuse, and whether the source of the allegation has provided any evidence of such fraud and abuse. The Commission will review such allegations through its complaint process or through other mechanisms provided for in Commission policy and practice. An institution that has been determined through those processes to have engaged in fraud and abuse as outlined in this policy shall be considered to be in violation of Commission standards related to institutional integrity and may be found to be in violation of other Commission standards as well, and shall be subject to Commission sanctions or withdrawal of accreditation as outlined in those policies.

The Commission shall report suspected incidents of fraud and abuse to the U.S. Department of Education as outlined in its policy on the Relation with the U.S. Government.

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Policy History

Last Revised: February 2017
First Adopted: February 2017 
Revision History: Adopted February 2017

Policy Number Key

Section FDCR: Policies Required by Federal Regulation

Chapter A: Federal Compliance

Part 20: Fraud and Abuse

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