Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Staff Actions and Recommendations

Number: INST.D.30.010

As defined in Commission policy, the staff may act to change an institution’s Statement of Affiliation Status or recommend directly to the Institutional Actions Council that a change in the Statement of Affiliation Status be approved. The Commission’s President also has additional authority as defined in the policy on Special Monitoring.

Staff may act to approve the following: editing of the Statement of Affiliation with non-substantive amendments; changing the date of upcoming evaluations or filing of reports by no more than one year and not to exceed the maximum timeframe for evaluation visits provided in Commission policy; approving progress and monitoring reports or requiring follow-up reports on the same or related topics; and removing an institution from expedited desk review or notification for approval of additional locations.

Staff may recommend to the Institutional Actions Council for review and action the following: substantive amendments to the Statement of Affiliation Status including modifications to the Stipulations section; changing the date of upcoming evaluations or filing of reports by more than one year or beyond the maximum ten years required for a comprehensive evaluation; and new requirements for monitoring.

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Related Policies

Routine Monitoring

Chapter E: Sanctions, Adverse Actions, and Appeals

Policy History

Last Revised: August 2016
First Adopted: November 1998, February 2007, February 2002, June 2011
Revision History: revised June 2008, February 2009, June 2009, June 2011, August 2016
Notes: Policies combined November 2012 –2.2(f), 2.2(f)1, 2.2(h)

Policy Number Key

Section INST: Institutional Policies

Chapter D: Decision-Making Bodies and Processes

Part 30: Staff Actions and Recommendations


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