Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Board of Trustees

Number: INST.D.10.010

The composition, selection, and term of the Board of Trustees are defined in the Bylaws of the Higher Learning Commission.

Decision-Making Authority

The Board of Trustees shall hold final responsibility for all accreditation actions taken by the Higher Learning Commission. The Board of Trustees shall retain its authority for deliberation and actions regarding accreditation decisions to:

  1. grant or deny initial status, including initial candidacy and initial accreditation;
  2. issue or withdraw a sanction, including on-notice or probation;
  3. withdraw status, including candidacy or accreditation;
  4. issue or remove a show-cause order;
  5. initiate a reconsideration process;
  6. approve or deny an application for Change of Control, Structure or Organization;
  7. approve moving an institution from accredited to candidate status; and
  8. approve exemptions, if any, from the Assumed Practices.

All such decisions, once issued by the Board, shall become the final action, except for those decisions that are subject to appeal. Such decisions shall become the final accreditation action as outlined in Commission policy INST.D.90.010 Appeals.

For all other accreditation decisions the Board authorizes the Institutional Actions Council, as constituted in this policy, to conduct reviews and to take actions, provided that such structure is recognized as such by the U.S. Department of Education.

Academics and Administrators

The Commission through its Nominating Committee as outlined in Commission Bylaws will assure that among those Trustees on its Board of Trustees who represent institutions there is representation of individuals who are academics, including faculty members, academic deans or others who have a primary responsibility in the teaching and learning process, and administrators who have a primary responsibility of providing oversight in an institution of higher education.


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Related Policies

Appeals (Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality)

Trustee Policies, Chapter III. Board Authority and Responsibility, Section C. Confidentiality and D. Objectivity and Conflict of Interest

Policy History

Last Revised: April 2013
First Adopted: June 2011
Revision History: February 2012, April 2013
Notes: Policies combined November 2012 - 2.2(d)1.1, 2.2(d)1.1a, 2.2(d)1.1b

Policy Number Key

Section INST: Institutional Policies

Chapter D: Decision-Making Bodies and Process

Part 10: Board of Trustees


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