Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Terms of Appointment

Number: PEER.A.10.020

A new Peer Reviewer shall be appointed to a two-year probationary term. Commission staff will review that appointment after completion of the two-year probationary term. The Commission staff will take into consideration the Peer Reviewer’s completion of required training as well as performance in institutional evaluations. On the basis of this review, the Commission staff will decide whether to appoint the Peer Reviewer to a four-year term.

At the expiration of the four-year term, Commission staff may invite a Peer Reviewer to apply for reappointment for a successive four-year term. The Commission staff will consider the Peer Reviewer’s performance in institutional evaluations, including comments from institutions, other Peer Reviewers and staff, and the Peer Reviewer’s adherence to the Peer Reviewer Standards of Conduct and participation in required training in determining whether to appoint the Peer Reviewer to a subsequent four-year term.

The Commission retains the discretion to evaluate the performance of a Peer Reviewer at any time and end the term of a Peer Reviewer if the Commission determines it to be appropriate. The Commission may also end the term of a Peer Reviewer before the regular completion date if that Peer Reviewer no longer meets the eligibility criteria for the Peer Corps established by the Commission. The Commission will notify the Peer Reviewer of such action.


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Policy History

Last Revised: June 2014
First Adopted: February 1994
Revision History: October 2003, November 2012, June 2014
Notes: Former policy number 6.2

Policy Number Key

Section PEER: Commitment to Peer Review

Chapter A: Policies Applicable to All Peer Reviewers

Part 10: General


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