Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Required Training and Professional Development

Number: PEER.A.10.030

Within the initial two-year term and prior to participation in any institutional evaluation, a Peer Reviewer must participate in Commission training or professional development that educates the Peer Reviewer in the application of the Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation and Commission policies and the specific processes integral to Commission evaluations. Peer Reviewers must complete training at least every three years thereafter or within two years after any major initiative such as the adoption of new Criteria for Accreditation.

Such training may be customized for the specific role the Peer Reviewer undertakes in the Commission’s evaluation process, including training in preparation for a role in the Commission’s decision-making or appeals processes. Training for Peer Reviewers will regularly include a segment on evaluating distance and correspondence education.

Training may take place through in-person events or electronic mechanisms that will allow the Peer Reviewer to complete the training program and the Commission to assess the Peer Reviewer’s completion of the training material.


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Policy History

Last Revised: November 2012
First Adopted: February 1994
Revision History: October 2003, February 2004, February 2010, November 2012
Notes: Policies combined in November 2012 – 6.3

Policy Number Key

Section PEER: Commitment to Peer Review

Chapter A: Policies Applicable to All Peer Reviewers

Part 10: General


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