Higher Learning Commission


Policy Title: Peer Corps Members on Teams

Number: PEER.A.10.050

The Commission staff shall determine the specific number of peer reviewers comprising any evaluation team following Commission policies related to the specific type of evaluation being conducted. The team shall be large enough to make a thorough and professional evaluation of the particular institution. In composing the team, staff will weigh variables such as institutional mission, number of students served, number of degree levels offered, number of programs offered, breadth of services provided students and other constituencies, and number and type of off-campus offerings supported by the institution. Matters unique to a visit (e.g., unusual new institutional dynamics, pending implementation of significant changes, response to alternative evaluation agreements) may add to the size of the team. Staff may also consider institutional requests for a large enough team to ensure that specific institutional issues are addressed.

Institutional Review of Peer Reviewers Identified for a Team. The names of persons proposed by the Commission staff to compose a team to visit an institution will be submitted to the institution. The institution will be free to comment on the composition of the team, and staff will take such comments into consideration in completing the team. Should any changes in the team be necessary after the initial team is set, the changes will be discussed with the institution by the staff, and institutional comments will be given consideration in making necessary changes.

The Commission reserves final responsibility and authority for composing teams that visit institutions as part of a Commission evaluation. In exercising that responsibility, the Commission has determined that issues of equity and diversity will be addressed as well as issues of institutional fit and educational and administrative emphases.


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Policy History

Last Revised: November 2012
First Adopted: February 1994
Revision History: October 2003, November 2012
Notes: Former policy number 6.7, 6.8

Policy Number Key

Section PEER: Commitment to Peer Review

Chapter A: Policies Applicable to All Peer Reviewers

Part 10: General


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