Higher Learning Commission

Policy Title: Eligibility Criteria and Selection

Number: PEER.A.10.010

A majority of the members of the Peer Corps will be officially and actively employed on a full-time basis by regionally accredited institutions of higher education as faculty or instructors, administrators or other institutional personnel. Other members of the Corps may include, as appropriate, members of boards of trustees of accredited institutions, legal counsel, state education or system employees, representatives of the business community, public members or other employees of institutions. The Corps may also include individuals with specialized experience in quality improvement or other areas and recent retirees from any of these categories above. Peer reviewers will have appropriate academic degrees from accredited institutions of higher education or the equivalent foreign degrees as well as a minimum of five years of work experience. A majority of the members of the Peer Corps will be located, either through personal residence or employment relationship, in the North Central region. The Commission may include in its Peer Corps members who have an employment relationship with institutions of higher education or other entities not located in the North Central region provided that such members comply with all other eligibility criteria for membership in the Peer Corps.

The Commission will assure representation in the Peer Corps on evaluation teams of individuals who are academics, including faculty members, academic deans or others who have a primary responsibility in the teaching and learning process, and administrators who have a primary responsibility of providing oversight in an institution of higher education.

The staff of the Commission will be responsible for developing selection criteria for Peer Reviewers and for implementing a selection process and will report the Corps’ composition to the Board of Trustees.

Specialized Corps. The staff of the Commission may establish within the Peer Corps specialized groups of peer reviewers who will be assigned to initial status, sanction or show-cause, advisory visit or other evaluations that the Commission determines to require specialized expertise or training or to perform particular functions on the team including chair, recorder, etc.


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Policy History

Last Revised: June 2014
First Adopted: January 1983
Revision History: February 2002, October 2003, November 2012, April 2013, June 2014
Notes: Former policy number 6.1

Policy Number Key

Section PEER: Commitment to Peer Review

Chapter A: Policies Applicable to All Peer Reviewers

Part 10: General


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